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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Download Accelerator Plus is not the standard download manager, but a comprehensive application that combines easy file downloading with Internet browsing and system maintenance tools (a trace cleaner, an anti-virus utility, a file shredder, and many other add-ons that you can download and install from DAP).

Managing your downloads is, however, its main functionality.
Thus, the program’s main interface looks very much like many other similar download managers – a wide clean area where all downloads are being listed and their progress shown, a list of categories on the left panel, plus a ribbon on the top side with all the icons you need to access the program’s features. Adding a new link to the list is very simple – click on the big plus sign on the top left and paste in the box provided the link you previously sent to your clipboard. Downloads can be set to start immediately, scheduled to start later, queued, etc. Once the downloading process has started, you are given real-time information of the download progress and of your total download speed. You can access more specific information in an additional window, where downloads are organized in individual tabs that tell you the estimated time left, the download speed and the transfer rate for every connection, and that offer you the possibility of previewing the file before completion – as long as it is a video file you are downloading, of course.

This “main interface” is actually just one of the two tabs in the true main interface of the program. The other tab is an Internet browser. Do not expect it to give you the same functionality available in your favorite Web browser – it contains the few buttons you actually needed to surf the Web and locate the file you wish to download.

As a bonus – and a very generous one – the program offers you links to some add-ons, some related to the program’s main functionality and some not. Here you can download and install a useful audio extraction tool, which saves the soundtrack of any downloaded video as an MP3 file; or an advanced browsing interface that keeps a detailed download history of your files; or an FTP browser complete with site structure preservation, a password manager, and its own managing tool for single and multiple-file downloads; or a bunch of useful system maintenance utilities, such as a trace cleaner, a file shredder, or an anti-virus tool.

Just a simple reminder – both these add-ons and the program itself are totally free.


  • Comes with links to useful and interesting add-ons.
  • Checks the links' validity beforehand.
  • Attractive interface with nicely-colored progress bars.
  • Built-in Internet browser.
  • Automatic downloads from selected sites.


  • Does not support torrent files.

What's new in version 10.0

- Add-on system that allows you to expand the core downloader capabilities with additional features.
- Link Checker that ensures you know when a download link is valid. Link Checker will give you all the information about the file you want to download, before you download it!
- DAPsters - DAPsters are definitions for specific hosting sites that make DAP work for you, saving you time and effort. Don't waste your time waiting for the file availability, powered by DAPsters, DAP will wait and execute the download for you. If the site requires a CAPTCHA, DAP will display it for you and prompt you to enter the text.

What's new in version 9.7

Supporting the latest browser updates (Firefox5, Chrome12, IE9)
Customized for 42 different languages
Optimized for HTTPS downloads

What's new in version 9.1

The virus and Spyware detector.

What's new in version 8.6

>Lighter and faster loading DAP, offered with SpeedBit Video Accelerator to watch videos from YouTube and over 100 video sites without pauses

Publisher's description

DAP provides powerful acceleration and the most complete set of download tools available.
With DAP 10 downloading is smoother, more responsive, and faster than ever.
DAP 10 is packed with technical advancements to provide the best download experience available.
Explore all the features of DAP, and see why over 299 million users have chosen DAP for faster downloads.

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    G.O.D.Krishna Murthy 3 months ago

    Good software.

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    Sammy Last year

    Okay so, I've tried the free Vbersion, the download transfer 'coutner' seems to be 'running fast'. This is for the FREE VERSION.
    I have downloaded the PREMIUM Version and it seems to 'counter' slower! To be honest, the Premium version just allows more visibility to the 'download/upload' but does not at -ALL improve the status of the download. I am still sitting at 0% image and it is downloading but nothing is really generating.
    All I am uploading is large image-files to my computer for work purposes. This is getting ridiculous, almost NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FREE VERSION AND THE PREMUIM.
    I cannot speak for Video uploads, sorry, only Image uploads thankyou! not what I expected!!

  • -1
    Guest Last year

    Bombs quite often on conversions.

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