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Comprehensive download manager with Internet browsing capabilities
Sammy — 5 years ago
Okay so, I've tried the free Vbersion, the download transfer 'coutner' seems to be 'running fast'. This is for the FREE VERSION. I have downloaded the PREMIUM Version and it seems to 'counter' slower! To be honest, the Premium version just allows more visibility to the 'download/upload' but does not at -ALL improve the status of the download. I am still sitting at 0% image and it is downloading but nothing is really generating. All I am uploading is large image-files to my computer for work purposes. This is getting ridiculous, almost NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE FREE VERSION AND THE PREMUIM.I cannot speak for Video uploads, sorry, only Image uploads thankyou! not what I expected!!
rohit — 8 years ago
it helps me resume my download at any time with high speed.
Amit Kumar Singh — 8 years ago
It's amazing.
Guest — 8 years ago
Rajesh — 9 years ago
it downloads very faster in slow net also
Sandeep Khatkar — 9 years ago
it makes the speed more than tripple
Sandeep Onkar — 9 years ago
I use 1.2 Mbps Broadband..... but I always got average download speed of 50 kbps.....But; Now I get 75-120 kbps Download speed only with DAP !!!!!
parimal — 10 years ago
The best
Guest — 10 years ago
very fast downloads
Guest — 10 years ago
Because it delivers pleasant services
Guest — 10 years ago
This saves my valuable time. thanx
Ahasan NDC — 10 years ago
Emil Olandria — 11 years ago
good downloader
shaanlee — 11 years ago
good for downloading
Well — 11 years ago
The best accelerator but is hard to uninstall
Caleb Stein — 11 years ago
It makes downloads much faster.
Michael Ernst — 11 years ago
works like an Ace.
Mike Magin — 11 years ago
Works. Has too many options with it that I really don't wont on a downloading program. I have an old computer so it helps it out at time, but mostly lags MY computer up; its just old.
titas — 11 years ago
good one
siddharth — 11 years ago
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